Signal vs Telegram: Which App Is Better For Privacy?

Signal and Telegram both apps offer end-to-end encryptions. But Signal ensures more security than Telegram, So Signal is better for Privacy.

Signal or Telegram, Which one is a better choice in terms of security, privacy, and usability? Let’s find out more in detail.

After the Whatsapp privacy policy update on January, 2021, numerous users shifted to two other secured messaging platforms, Signal and Telegram.

Signal vs Telegram

Although both Signal and Telegram offer end-to-end Encrypted services, there are still some significant contrasts between these two popular messaging apps. Knowing about the differences will help you choose the right one.

Signal vs Telegram

Signal Vs Telegram: Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy come first in regards to any messaging App. You obviously don’t want to use an application that collects your private data, stalks them, and sells them to third parties.

Signal Messaging App offers a secured and privacy-focused messaging service. You can send and receive one-to-one/group messages, make voice and video calling anywhere, anytime.

The advanced end-to-end encryption technology that Signal App uses provides high-security to your private conversation and ensures no person other than you and the person you are talking to can read or access them, not even the Signal operators.

The state-of-art technology that Signal offers by default makes the App safer to use, restricting third parties from interfering your private conversation.

Unlike Whatsapp or Telegram, Signal never stores your sensitive information on any cloud servers. So that you can have full authority over your private data, all your conversations are stored on the device that you own.

There is a drawback to that; if your device is lost or dead, you won’t have access to the information you had. Nevertheless, based on your consent, you can always switch your data from one device to another.

As Signal claims to be owned by a Non-profit foundation, it lowers the risk of selling data to other parties, especially for business purposes. An app that emphasizes the security of your private messages must be placed on top of your priority list.

On the other hand, the end-to-end encryption service that Telegram uses is an MTProto2.0 Protocol, which is secured and sound. But, Telegram uses this protocol for secret messaging and some other services only. This means a large amount of your potential data is still visible to Telegram operators and employees.

Since your data is stored on the cloud servers of Telegram, it makes them accessible and somewhat vulnerable too. However, Telegram’s privacy policy is completely against selling or accessing your personal data. Still, the skepticism never ends, as unlike Signal, it is not owned by any Non-profit foundation.

Another thing is, Telegram collects your IP address, which means your location, or when and whom you're talking to is trackable to the authorities. On the other hand, Signal collects far less information like your phone number or the date you signed up.

When it comes to Signal vs Telegram security, Signal obviously offers a better solution.

Signal Vs Telegram: Features and services

Signal and Telegram are both free and have video and voice calling features. You can download and use them on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS devices.

However, these two popular apps allow you to connect to individuals and create groups. The maximum limit of members in the Telegram group is up to 2,00,000. While on the Signal, you have a maximum limit of 1000 members in a group.

Another advantage of using Telegram is that you can create channels for broadcasting your public messages. Unlike Telegram, Signal doesn’t offer any channel service.

Telegram messaging app offers a wide range of customizations. You can change the colors and themes, add background photos, use a bulk collection of sticker packs, create music playlists, edit photos, and many more. In contrast, Signal’s customization options are limited and this app doesn't include as many features as Telegram.

Both these apps have self-destructive messaging services. This means you can always set your private messages to disappear after a certain period of time.

Signal vs Telegram: which is better?

As many people are looking for alternatives to Whatsapp since they brought the privacy policy update, either Signal and Telegram can be good choices based on your priority.

If you are looking for more security and privacy, Signal App definitely can be your best bet. Based on user experience, Signal is far easier to operate since this app emphasizes security and privacy more.

On the other hand, Telegram offers so many features and adjustable settings that make your messaging App experience more fun. You can connect to more people through Telegram, and this application can be a great tool to scale your business or social engagement.


Signal currently has more than 105 million users, while in contrast, Telegram has more than 550 million users globally. Both the applications are better choices based on the user's priority. If you are looking for an app that provides more security to your trusted data, Signal can be a better option compared to Telegram. But, if you are a user who gives priority to more features along with moderate security, Telegram can be a good choice for you.


Is Telegram bigger than Signal?

Telegram has a significantly greater number of users compared to Signal. The percentage of downloads of both apps is increasing exponentially day by day. As of July 2021, there were more than 550 million monthly active users telegram had. On the other hand, as of July 2021, Signal had more than 40 million monthly active users.

Which is better Signal or WhatsApp?

The signal doesn’t store your data on any cloud server, and it requires minimum information to use. Conversely, Whatsapp stores your data on cloud servers, making it more vulnerable to third parties. Whatsapp collects certain data and uses them for business purposes. From a security perspective, Signal is a better choice compared to Whatsapp.

Does Signal have last seen?

Unlike Whatsapp or Telegram, there is no such option that allows you to see Last seen times on Signal. Signal gives priority to your privacy and security; for that reason, this messaging App restricts any revealing of your data in public that breaches your privacy.

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