4 Useful Fitness Apps for iPhone That Can Keep You Healthy

These 4 fitness apps for iphone can make workouts a lot easier. These apps can help you with regular workout routines, maintaining a balanced diet.

“I will start exercising from tomorrow”- a myth that’s easy to say but hard to implement. Then you have your busy days and excuses for not kicking off your long term planned exercise schedule today.

Procrastination is one of the innately human traits, but a prolonged reluctance about exercising deprives your body of a much better condition. And you are well aware of this, aren't you?

4 Useful Fitness Apps for iPhone

Here in this write-up, we’ll show you a list of 4 easy-to-use and well-organized fitness apps for iPhone that will help you set your health’s defence system stronger and keep you fit in a much simpler way than ever before.

4 Useful Fitness Apps for iPhone That Can Keep You Healthy

1. Sworkit

Sworkit is designed to ease your pain and frustration regarding workouts. You can achieve a fit and healthy body by using this app right at your home. You don’t have to go to the gym or maintain a hard schedule to stay in shape. This app will guide you through some simple steps and training challenges that you can follow easily on a regular basis.

Sworkit allows you to set your workout plan, timer, and the type of exercise you want to conduct. You’ll get verbal guidance all through the workout sessions, and a video will show you the typical postures of the type of exercise you set this app on to.

This app includes almost all sorts of freehand exercises that you need to improve your body fitness. You can do Yoga, Planks, Belly exercises, Abs, Squats and many more. Sworkit currently offers equipment exercises including Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Bodyweight, and Resistance Band.

You can download this app for free from the Apple store, and it has both free and premium versions. The free plan offers several workout plans, which is enough to start with. However, you have to pay a monthly charge for a premium plan, which is not costly at all.

2. Nike training club

Nike Training Club makes your workout experience fun and engaging. With a well-arranged set of visual workout sessions guided by professional trainers and wellness experts, you can achieve great results within a short time.

This app offers features like month-long session programs, goal setting tools, or new content daily, which won’t make your workout experience tedious and intimidating ever. During this pandemic, the Nike training club has made many of its premium features available for free to its users.

There are both freehand and weight training workouts available, and the Nike training club will suggest and guide you according to your choices so that you don’t mess up the workout schedule with your daily other activities. You can set plans and also choose between programs according to your convenience.

Nike training also suggests diet plans and other helpful tips apart from workouts that will boost your fitness and keep you healthy.

This app is available on the Apple store, which you can download and sign up for free. There are both free and premium versions. And one of the most pleasant things about this app is that it won’t create pressure to upgrade the free version to the premium one, unlike other applications.

3. 7 minute workout

According to scientists and fitness experts, a workout schedule of 7 minutes daily can be a fast and easy way to help you stay in shape. You don’t have to do heavy gym training or weights to achieve a great fit body. That’s where the 7 Minute Workout fitness App comes in as a great companion, especially for those who remain swamped always.

The suggested exercises on 7 minute workouts are short and can be done anywhere, anytime. This app will guide you through your workout sessions with video and verbal instructions from professional trainers. You can build your custom workout plans, and it’s absolutely a great app to start with.

This app will also track your calorie burnouts and your workout progress through Apple Health integration. It’s simple to use, easy to go with, and overall a practical health toolkit that you can download completely for free on your iPhone.

4. FitOn App

Our 4th and final suggestion about fitness apps for iPhone is Fiton app. An app that offers loads of exercise plans that you can do right at home. Most features of this app are absolutely free and guided by professional trainers and celebrity athletes.

There are some excellent four or six-week challenges this app offers that may help you achieve a fit body in an organized way and within a short time. There are tons of Voice and Video instructions that make the workout plans easy and simple for you.

One of the coolest features of this app is you can join your friends and arrange workout sessions in groups online. Fiton app also lets you set your customized plan, making workouts more convenient and easy to keep up with your daily routine more efficiently and effectively. This app offers personalized meal plans too.


Smartphone apps can be your amazing fitness companion. Fitness Apps like Sworkit or Nike training club can make your exercise routine simpler, so you can do workouts anywhere, anytime. These apps also provide diet advice, and other health related tips. The above write-up has shown four effective fitness apps for iphone that can help you keep yourself fit and healthy.

FAQ about Fitness Apps:

Are fitness apps really effective?

According to the studies, fitness apps have the ability to boost your health and positivity. These apps let you organize your daily workout routine and encourage you to keep up with the momentum. It doesn't become possible for everyone to attend the gym being in a busy daily schedule. Here, the fitness apps may motivate you by offering simple programs right at your home.

On the other flip, a long-term workout with the fitness apps might bring you some monotonousness, so choose the apps that offer a variety of workout plans with innovative programs.

How do fitness apps work?

Fitness apps allow you to carry your gym with you on your mobile device, and this helps and encourages you to do workouts anywhere, anytime. A variety of programs that these fitness apps offer let you keep up with your daily workout plans, and most of the programs are designed in such a way that you can do them without living in the gym. Most of the apps track your workout progress, calorie intakes and let you set your personalized goals so that you don’t drop out from a workout schedule by the hammer blows of your regular activities.

Do I need an Apple Watch for Apple fitness?

Apple Fitness is a workout service provided by Apple. You need to have an Apple watch to sign up with this app. Apple fitness helps you track your daily workout routines, calorie intake, and heart rates. Not to mention, Apple fitness and Apple fitness plus are two different fitness apps offered by Apple.

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