14 Unique YouTube Shorts Video Ideas for 2022 to Go Viral

For your convenience, we have demonstrated 14 unique YouTube Shorts video ideas that can take your YouTube Channel to the next level in 2022.

Short video spaces like YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or Tiktok have gained unprecedented popularity in recent years. And they are booming day by day, exponentially.

YouTube Shorts Video Ideas for 2022

YouTube shorts videos alone generated more than 15 billion daily views worldwide in 2021. As we step into 2022, it is needless to say how tough it's becoming to stand out for a content creator among so many concepts and competitors.

Based on recent statistics and numerous types of popular Shorts videos, we have created a list of 10 YouTube shorts video ideas for you that will help your content get millions of views in 2022.

14 Unique YouTube Shorts Video Ideas for 2022 to Go Viral

YouTube Short video Ideas

YouTube introduced its shorts video platform on September 14, 2020. Since short videos take comparatively less time to create and reach more people rapidly, more and more creators are choosing this form of content as it has excellent potential to attract an audience.

However, 60 sec, that's all you get to engage your viewers. You can choose any of these Ideas below to generate Shorts videos for Youtube to get noticed by millions.

Recycle content

Starting off the list with this idea because you might have a youtube channel already. Recycle content means that you take your older video content from your channel, make them shorter, and then upload them as your YouTube shorts.

For example, if you have a travel vlog, what you do is select essential parts from any of the older videos and splice them all together. This idea will also help you with getting more views on your older YouTube video content if you add the link of your older video with the short video, a call to action basically.


Suppose you have wrapped yourself up in a blanket on the couch to watch your favorite Netflix show, and suddenly you notice the TV remote you left on the table that is 10 feet away from you. That always happens to you. To overcome this regular struggle, you sort out a special technique so that you don't have to unwrap yourself again and get up from the couch to get the remote. You just created a 10 feet long stick with a small hoop to get your stuff. Now things are easy.

Lifehacks refer to a technique that makes your regular tasks easier, and we are sure that you already have a couple of similar ideas on your mind. Why don't you share those useful hacks with others?

Did you know/ Interesting facts

Trust me; the audience loves this sort of content. 5 amazing facts about Squid games, or did you know YouTube was initially designed as a Dating site? You can surf the internet to fetch a couple of amazing or interesting facts every day and create shorts on them. This will take only a few whiles to conduct the whole process. And the result you get will be fantastic.


It's about helping consumers by providing them with Short reviews regarding any product. You can show a couple of quick Pros and Cons or provide them with any helpful information or buying guide. Remember, you only get 60 seconds, so emphasize the most important points. Micro reviews might include any recent trending topics: a movie trailer or even a popular short story.

Useful Tips and Tricks for daily life

Alright, so you know something that you think might be useful to others? Like how to remove ink stains from clothes in 5 minutes or how to store pickles for a long time? What are you waiting for then? Just turn on your phone's camera and start shooting the Shorts.

Myth busting

Many conventional conceptions are actually wrong or misleading. What you do is you take any of these long-known myths and reveal the truth in front of your audience. Myth-busting has always left effects on netizens, and surely you will increase the engagement of your channel by uploading this sort of content.

Magic tricks

Know any card tricks or other short magic tricks that you always show to your friends and families? Why don't you let the whole world see them? Magics are an ancient form of entertainment; people love to see them. Just turn on your camera's record button, and perform your jaw-dropping magic trick. Upload them to astonish the whole world.

Science and maths tricks

Many students struggle to find easy solutions to complex maths or other science subject related problems. Suppose you are a maths and science geek and know some helpful hacks to solve complex maths and science problems within seconds. In that case, you can record a youtube shorts video showing how to apply some easy techniques to sort out complex problems fast and efficiently. This might help you to become popular among millions of students.


Do you know Dexter from Dexter's laboratory cartoon series, who has a secret laboratory with many crazy inventions? Why don't you become a Dexter and make some experient related videos? Like what happens when you mix coca-cola with milk or try to charge a battery with vegetables. Making the video might take longer, but you can always speed up the video motion and only show essential parts as you get only 60 seconds in shorts. Warning: don't try anything that can harm you or others.

Exercise/Yoga tips

Exercising or Yoga tips can be really helpful to your audience. If you have ideas about various workout techniques, you can always come up with some tips or show them how to do any exercise properly. You can also provide diet or health-related tips to your audience. These tips can be really helpful during this ongoing pandemic.

Artsy shorts video

Are you Good with drawing and painting or decorating home, or making cool stuff with papers (Origami)? You can make a quick sketch, painting, or any artsy skills for your Instagram reels. Create a short video, and share it with millions. There are a lot of viewers who look for such content everywhere. You can also speak about some valuable art-related content if you are good at it.

Motivational videos

Motivational videos can be a great way to engage a large audience. You can record some short motivational speeches that will boost others' confidence or help some depressed fellows in their bad times.

You can also add motivational quotes from famous personalities and add boosting music in the background with your content.

Language-related Tips

If you are good with grammar or know a couple of tips to improve any particular language, you can create some youtube shorts videos providing helpful tips. Or you can tell your audience what common mistakes they make when speaking any particular language. There are millions of people who crave to improve their language skills. This youtube Shorts video idea can turn out to be something great for them.

Pure entertainment

You can make videos for only entertainment purposes. This can be any type, like your pet's funny activities or what you did at last night's party. You can shoot videos when you hang out with friends. You can dance with music and upload them on your youtube shorts.


Creating a longer video for YouTube channels is not easy. It consumes too much time and requires a lot of background work. On the other hand, you don't have to invest considerable time to edit and generate a YouTube shorts video.

YouTube shorts have a remarkable ability to reach millions of people, as the algorithm engaged in shorts is different from the traditional youtube channel's video algorithm. Uploading quality shorts with unique ideas can be a great way to grow your channel faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn money from YouTube Shorts?

Like your YouTube channel’s regular videos, you can also monetize your YouTube shorts. The coolest thing about YouTube shorts is that you don’t have to join the YouTube Partner Program to monetize your YouTube Shorts Videos. Before monetizing your Shorts, make sure they are original and unique.

How many shorts can you upload a day on YouTube?

Based on experts’ advice, you should not upload more than 3 YouTube Shorts videos a day. However, uploading up to 5-7 unique Shorts a week on a regular basis can increase your channel’s engagement drastically.

What should I upload to YouTube Shorts?

Uploading content that has unique concepts will always attract the audience. Try to generate exceptional ideas. Make sure the video and audio quality are great; try to represent the videos with some cool effects, use a friendly and engaging color combination, and some easy-to-read text.

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