9 Amazing Offline Music Apps for iPhone You Should Try in 2022

Searching for music apps that can be downloaded and enjoyed to listen to offline? Here is list of 9 Amazing Offline Music Apps For iPhone

iPhone Users often get baffled searching for music apps that can be downloaded and enjoyed to listen to offline. Here is list of 9 Amazing Offline Music Apps For iPhone You Can Enjoy in 2022.

When the internet goes down, or you are outdoor for a walk, an offline music application could be your best time-killing companion without getting bored ever. Luckily, you’ll find so many music apps on the Apple store offering different cool and suitable features.

9 Amazing Offline Music Apps For iPhone

For your convenience, we have assessed several user's reviews about various iOS applications and arranged a shortlist of 9 user-friendly music apps for iPhone that allows you to download and play music offline with ease in 2022.

9 Amazing Offline Music Apps For iPhone You Can Enjoy in 2022

Offline Music Apps For iPhone

1. Apple Music:

Apple offers a streaming music service for iOS devices that can be played offline. This application has an enriched library with millions of songs, a Music radio station, video content, and a number of music video channels. Apple Music is compatible with Siri and offers Dolby Atmos support. Apple Music also includes a free subscription for three months.

You’ll get categorized music genres, which makes discovering new music easy. You can upload your own music library to listen to them anywhere without having an internet connection. This application also offers cheaper plans dedicated to students.

2. YouTube Music:

Every smartphone user heard about it, right? An amazing free application that allows you to stream, podcast, and explore new music. YouTube Music is mostly popular among android users, it’s also available for iOS devices. You can download YouTube music from the App Store on your iPhone.

This cloud-based music application has a simple interface, can be integrated with YouTube and offers a plethora of free music. If you want a music application that can be heard all day long (offline or online) without draining your iPhone’s battery percentage too much, YouTube Music can be an excellent choice for you.

3. Spotify:

A shortlist of best music apps for iPhone will remain incomplete without the most famous music streaming service. Spotify, of course, who hasn’t heard about it. A streaming service with an extensive music library that offers both free and premium versions. It’s convenient, user friendly, and an award-winning application that allows you to download and listen to music when you are out of the internet radius.

You’ll get some amazing features like collaborative playlists, group sessions, seeing an artist's complete profile, podcasts, attractive student plans, early album access and many more.

You can download up to 10,000 tracks on five devices maximum with the premium Spotify version.

4. Pandora radio:

One of the top downloaded music apps from Apple’s iTunes store is Pandora radio. This app is designed and developed to provide users with a personalized listening experience that evolves with their tastes.

The offline mode is available on Pandora plus, pandora premium, and Pandora premium family subscriptions. This app has fantastic features like creating stations based on artists, genres, favourite songs, moods, and activities. You can also get access to personalized podcast services and get updates on released singles and albums. The interface is pretty convenient, cool, and colorful. Overall, it’s an app that will take your Music app user experience to the next level.

5. Amazon Music:

This music app from amazon provides you with a library enriched with more than 75 million songs; HD, ultra HD and spatial Audio, and podcast service. Amazon Music offers both free and premium versions. It’s very much available on your apple store, and you’ll get an offline mode button to enjoy seamless music anywhere, anytime without having an internet connection. However, to avail the offline playback feature, you need to switch from the free version to the premium one.

6. Evermusic:

This offline free music app is available for iPhone that comes with an equalizer, playlist manager, ID3 editor, and bass booster. Evermusic offers you to create your own music streaming service with downloaded tracks that you can hear anywhere without an internet connection.

Evernote gives you access to your music from cloud services like google drive, one drive, and dropbox. This app is handy, convenient, user-friendly, and completely free to download from the Apple store. However, a pro version of this app currently costs only $0.99.

7. Tidal:

The high-quality audio and social features make this music streaming app more appealing to its users. You can switch on the Tidal offline mode to listen to your created playlist without getting internet access anytime and anywhere. The Tidal HiFi Plus membership offers seamless streaming, access to video series, podcasts, and many more features.

This application will let you share music and video content on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Tidal offers both free and premium subscriptions.

8. eSound:

This music app for iPhone comes with a straightforward interface. The sign-up process takes only a few seconds and gives you access to various genres of music that you can listen to according to your mood. You can download songs and add them to your library for listening to them later without intenntet access. The simplistic interface makes the eSound app very responsive, and you can download the app from the Apple store for free.

9. Melodista:

This app offers an easy to access playlist system, making the user's experience really convenient. There’s no pain of interrupted ADS, and Melodista can be played offline anywhere, anytime without data or wifi connection. You can import your favorite tracks from Dropbox, Google drive, WhatsApp, telegram, or even you can transfer music through wifi. The tracks can be segregated based on artists and genres. Overall you’ll get a well-arranged app using experience from Melodista.

Frequently asked questions:

Is Spotify really free?

Spotify is a popular music streaming app that is available in both free and premium versions. With the premium version, you can download an unlimited number of tracks for listening offline. While on the other hand, with the free Spotify version, you are allowed to listen to tracks online only.

The free version of Spotify only lets you skip six tracks per hour. While with the premium, you can skip as many tracks as you want. The free Spotify won’t let you select any specific tracks for playback.

Is Apple music free on iPhone?

Apple Music offers a 3 month free trial for its iPhone users. However, after the free trial period ends, you’ll be restricted to get access to features like offline listening or track skipping. The available number of music will also be limited.

Is Pandora music free?

Pandora app is completely free to download and offers both free and premium services. The free version includes ads, while the premium packages are completely Ad-free. However, the free Pandora will allow you to create playlists and custom radio stations. But you won’t get any offline listening advantage with the free version.

Which is better, Spotify or Apple music?

It’s tough to compare two popular music streaming apps while both have a huge fan following. Yet, the apple music app can be deemed better than Spotify when it comes to the resolution quality of the streaming. On the other flip, Spotify offers better social features, a collaborative playlist, podcast, and a large collection of tracks. Apple music’s features like the Siri support, UI design language are some advantages you can get while using the app.

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