Cryptocurrency for Beginners: Basic Guide with its Pros and Cons

When you need to invest into any digital currency then what should be the best way and best cryptocurrency for beginners?

When you need to invest into any digital currency then what should be the best way and best cryptocurrency for beginners?

Technology has changed the way of people’s work. Now Companies and consumers are not preferring cash anymore.

In this present era, consumers pay digital currencies at their digital registers. Because a new payment system that is called cryptocurrency is booming and it’s not hard to see why.

Cryptocurrency for Beginners 2022

These days are uncommon for early investors to make a return of over 1,000% in just a few short months.

As with any investment there are risks involved and you should thoroughly research and understand what you are getting into before committing any money.

However this article will discuss the basics of investing in cryptocurrencies and provide tips on how to get started.

Cryptocurrency for Beginners

What is Cryptocurrency?

Crypto Currency is the digital form or virtual decentralized encrypted currency that is transferred between peers (person to person).

The concept of cryptography being used to secure transactions on the internet was not new, but Satoshi Nakamoto's application of the technology to create a decentralized currency for use by individuals across the world revolutionized digital finance.

Cryptocurrency Technology power is Unleashed

Today the emerging cryptocurrency is a massive industry that's growing at a rapid pace.

In 2017, cryptocurrency for beginners valued exploded from $17.7 billion to over $600 billion in a matter of months.

The market cap for Bitcoin alone rose from around $15 billion at the start of 2017 to almost $300 billion by mid-December – an increase of over 2,200%.

The market cap for all cryptocurrencies combined is now in excess of $700 billion and rising rapidly.

Are you looking for a way to get involved in the cryptocurrency market? NFTs are an emerging asset class that allow users to represent digital assets on the blockchain.

The value of these assets is derived from their utility and popularity. NFTs can be used for gaming, voting, prediction markets, fundraising, and more.

NFTs are non-fungible meaning each one is unique just like a collectible card or antique furniture. Each one has its own history and ownership information, allowing them to be sold or traded between users securely on the blockchain.

Collectible items are valuable because they are scarce and have utility beyond their face value.

NFTs are not only limited. You can trade cryptocurrency for beginners one another or fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar.


  • Potential for high returns
  • Offers diversification


  • Volatility risk
  • May be hard to understand
  • Open scams and fraud

Cryptocurrency Pros Explained

Potential for high returns:

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is the largest capitalization and its growth is increasing day by day, has been seen with the vast growth in the past years and it will also introduce any artificial technology.

Offers diversification:

Cryptocurrency provides you the best opportunities to make your portfolio standout from other investors in the market or different than your competitors. Crypto can be your best because it gives you a better return on investment.

Cryptocurrency Cons Explained

Volatility risk: 

The risk of Investing in crypto is directly form to its volatility risk but you need to properly think about it before investing in this because sometime unexpected things or sentiments can happen in the market and you are going to invest a big amount of money so you need to become a high risk taker. Then due to nearly $3,000 a year later. In October 2021, the cryptocurrency for beginners set new highs when its price went up to nearly $66,000.

Always Know the things: 

I’ll highly recommend you to first know the things and businesses better then investment somewhere. You need to be educated before investing in there. For example if you invest money in buying a stock of anything you need to first check the company’s information, is it generating better things for you?

Therefore similarly you will need to understand the concepts behind the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Open to scams and fraud: There are also scammers in every field such as cryptocurrency scammers. They always wanted to steal your money using crypto. But there are also many laws that regulate the crypto scammers such as CFTC, SEC, Finra and the other ponzi schemes. One big and sure sign to the scammer, they say to pay by wire and if you do this you will not get all your money back. Don't worry here, You can report the scammers at or at

What Does Cryptocurrency Means for Investors?

Cryptocurrency can not be proven right for many small investors because for this you need to come up with a big heart. If you can earn money quickly you also can lose it in this crypto chain.

But your chances can be lower to lose in this if you follow the rules and regulation like:

  • Make strong strategies
  • Manage risks
  • Make your crypto portfolio
  • Be consistent for a long term
  • Use the trading bots
  • Join crypto events and be a partner with experts

FAQs About Cryptocurrency:

How to invest in cryptocurrency for beginners?

There many platforms available who provide wallet to invest in Cryptocurrency. Binance, Coinbase and Robinhood are most popular and available for almost all countries. you have to make account on this sites and start invest in Cryptocurrency.

Which CryptoCurrency is best for beginners?

Well, There are many currencies, but the best one is Bitcoin. It is the most well known and original created by Satoshi nakamoto.

Here is the best cryptocurrencies are following:
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Lite Coin (LTC)
  • Cardano (ADA)

What is the Safest Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is the legal and safest ever digital money. It is an alternative to central bank-controlled fiat money.

What is the downside of buying cryptocurrency?

There are many drawbacks of buying the cryptocurrency such as:
  • Scalability
  • Cybersecurity Issue
  • Price volatility
  • Lack of inherent value
  • Regulations

Is trading bitcoin safe?

Yes, just like without the internet world, a cold wallet as it is the oldest and safest place to keep your investment there. According to the bitcoin experts it is the crime report of any cryptocurrency. But there are also some rules to follow if you want to play safe.

Can you go to jail for bitcoin?

You may cause to spend one year or more of your life journey in the federal prison If you are a big scammer then chances are.Because of failure to file, tax evasion, and tax fraud are all federal criminal offenses. Ultimately, you could end up facing over $100,000 in fines then you will be in police control.

Now it's up to you which cryptocurrency coin you want to invest but before investing somewhere you should highly knowledge about these technologies, the pros and cons of these crypto coins.

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