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This is my story.
I have got admission in diploma college in vadnagar(Gujarat, India). I have an image of college was a big building, Garden, Canteen, etc.
College was about 70Kms far from my home so I have reached college after two hours. When I reached vadnagar I have asked people for the diploma college and a gentleman shows me a board of the Commerce and Arts college so I cleared him that I want to go to the Diploma Engineering college but his answer was same. so I entered in the college gate and I have asked a student roaming around there for the diploma engineering college one of the students pointed me to the room and said “ Your lecturers and management has set a room for you”
The structure of the college was so old and I have heard that the diploma program was started here just two years ago so I have an image of a new building but now I realized that my college has rented a building in Commerce and Arts College.
I have entered the room and I have shown my admission latter to HOD and he told me to sit in the third column. The third column was for Electronics and Communication Engineering Students. I have talked with the other students who are sat near to me. All are from the different parts of Gujarat. Some are from Rajkot, Jamnagar, Navsari, etc
One of the students is sat at the last bench I walked at him and ask “hi, Where are you from?” 
He said “Gandhinagar”. And I have felt relaxed. There is someone who is from my town.
I Said, “I am also from Gandhinagar.”
Then he introduces two more students who are also from my town.
then we leave from college and college will start after seven days.
In between seven days, my mind was so much disturbed. I have an image of the college as opposite from the college I have got admission in. I tried to leave this college or I don't want to go to that place. But anyways I must have to study there for three years. I decided that let's see what happens.
I have joined the college and start studying. The starting days of college was somewhat good. I am doing up-down from Gandhinagar to vadnagar in Government bus. slowly I have made some friends who are on the route of my college.
I enjoyed the bus when me and my friends who are with me on the bus. But when I reached college my mind was suck. I have spent my day very dim. And when I leave college I enjoyed my up-down.
I did not go to college every day. I don’t like that place where I am studying. it is a village. there is no restaurant, no garden, no cafe or nothing that I have enjoyed in my hometown. I told my parents that I don't want to study there and I will do some other things but I don't want to go to that place.
For inquiry, my parents have visited my college and met a professor. My parents told the professor “A student studying in your college named Urvil Darji is not feeling well here. Do you know the reason?”
Professor: “ Yes, I know him and he is not regular but I don't know the reason why he is not feeling well here. We can talk with his classmate to know the reason”
Then the professor called some students from my class and asked for my behavior.
One of my friends from Vijapur: “ He told one day that he didn't like the college, before reaching our college he has an image of a big college with modern facilities and many more things that college should have. once he told that he will change his course which runs near his home town.”
Professor: “Ok, you may go now” then the professor told my parents: “This is your son’s problem that he didn't like the place where he got admission”
Rutul Mehta(other professors) to my parents: “ I will talk to him. I know urvil he is always sitting in the last bench.”
Then Rutul Mehta talks to me and explains to me about the difficulties that were I am facing and give me the solutions for that. After some days Rutul Mehta told me to stay some days in the vadnagar with my classmates who are already living in the room. After someday I feel that living with classmates will be a fun. My classmates who are living in the hostel have strong bonding and they enjoy everything in the class and out of the class.
Now, I decided to live with my classmates for somedays and see what happens I enjoyed or not. I joined the gang of five roommates all are different in all ways. I enjoyed the company of all of them. Rutul Mehat visits our room twice in a week and told us to do better and talks us like a friend. Because of him I continued my study.
In the last year of the Dilploma Engineeing, Everyone wants admission in Degree college and this is so tough for the diploma holders to get admission. There are only nine seats in the every degree college for diploma holders. I am very low at the percentages.
Rutul Mehta told me that you can not get admission in the degree college. Your score is low. This talk was so embarrassing for me. What should I do if I didn't get admission in degree? That is the time that changes me.
Now I am studying like I want to show that person that I also can get admission in the degree college. In the first semester of the last year, i have scored 80 marks in Communication Subject which is highest in my college and overall my percentage is 65. And in the last semester, I have scored 68 percentages. My overall percentages were around 67.
Now I am amazed to have the last mark sheet with 67 percentages.
By giving an embarrassing moment to me, Rutul Mehta makes me a degree holder.
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