How to Find Your Smartphone If It is Lost? 'Find My Device' Allow You to Find, Lock and Erase Data

Are you prepared if your Smartphone is stolen or missing???

You should aware of the service provided by Google for that kind of problem.

In our day to day life, we see the people who forget their mobile and could not remember where did they place and worrying about their important documents and images stored in mobile.

Now using android 'Find My Device' option you can locate, lock or erase all your data from your phone.

Find My Device

Find My Device is a part of G Suite now and if your device is older then you can download Find My Device app from the Play Store. Most of the Android user has this feature available.

To use this feature your phone must be connected to the internet by Wi-Fi or Data Network

How to install Find My Device App????

1 Open Play Store on your mobile phone
2 search for Find My Device app
3 Download the Find My Device app

How to check Find My Device is on?????

1 open your device setting app
2 tap to security & location( If you don't see security & location go to google and click on security)
3 tap on Find My Device
4 make sure Find My Device is on

Login in Find My Device??????

1 Open the App Find My Device
2 Tap on Continue as Known (With your regular Email id)
3 Enter your password
Allow all the options ask by the app

Now this app will show your location on your phone and other information like phone model, Battery etc

How to find your Smartphone????

1 you must have sign in from another device(Phone/PC) by using your Gmail account which your lost or stolen phone logged in.
2 Open the Find My Device app or you can access from PC by searching Find My Device in google
3 From your Gmail id, it will show your phone locationBattery and Model of your phone
4 Now you can tap on the Play sound button to ring your phone.

The best part is that if your device is in silent mode, Find My Device can ring your phone after 5 minutes

How to Lock your phone??????

There is a lock option is also available that will create a password to unlock your phone when you get it. There is also an option for a message to show on the lock screen along with the phone number also.

1 Open Find My Device
2 Click on a secure device
3 There is an option for set password so here set your password and confirm your password
4 Add a message to your phone and Phone Number both are optional. You can type your message in "Recovery message" and add a phone number in "Phone Number" so someone who finds your phone can call you
5 Click on Secure Device

How to erase all the data on your phone???

Your smartphone is lost and you know you will never going to see your phone again at that time erase your data from your phone would be the best option you have. Erase command will delete all your data from your phone and also from SD card based on Android version and manufacturer. Even your phone is switched off and you have sent erase command then a system will erase your phone when it goes online.

1 Open Find My Phone
2 Click on Erase Device
3 It will ask your Gmail Password 
4 Conform Erase

Are you prepared for your phone security?????

Check your phone, 'Find My Device' is "on" in your mobile and check all option available.
let us know your experience with Find My Device application in comment...

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