Android 9 Pie: Best Features of Latest Update

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Android 9 Pie

The latest update for your Android phone

A next android version is Android 9 which name is Android Pie. Android Pie will give you a unique experience with its AI and some other important changes.

Android pie will manage your battery with how much power an application used in real time and android pie will automatically stop provide power to the application which is not most useful or used.

The wellbeing matter, you can set a timer how much time you use the specific application. For Example, You have to use WhatsApp only for one hour a day then you can set a time to use the WhatsApp for one hour. When one hour of your WhatsApp application is over means you have used WhatsApp for one hour it will show you a notification that you have used this app for 1 hour as per you set a limit. You can also skip that notification and use your app.

Android Pie has the artificial intelligence that can show you an object you have used before as per timing and place. For Example, you are in the hotel and you open a lock of your phone at that time on the suggestion bar show you information about the hotel and for transport, it will show you an OLA or UBER cab service app which you use for transport.

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Let's see some best features of Android 9 Pie


Battery Saver saves your battery when your phone is not in working mode
The Adaptive Battery system will predict your action and use a battery for those apps only which may be you use for next few hours
The Adaptive Brightness will manage brightness as per your location, temperature etc. and saves your battery.
You can also Restrict Your Apps to use a battery. Android pie will show you which application use how much battery at a real-time


The Android Pie have updated with the access of two or more physical cameras. On device cameras have dual front and dual back cameras with bokeh, depth, stereo version and more.
Android pie will support external cameras through USB/UVC in specific devices.

Digital Wellbeing

Android Pie has introduced Do Not Disturb feature, which is more than silent. DND will stop screen interruption and vibration interruptions also. It will allow only starred contacts. So you are not going to miss the notification.
App dashboard will show you how much you have used apps and how many notifications you get.
Wind down convert colors to gray-scale and starts Do Not Disturb mode. You can set your Wind Down mode as per your requirement. You can use it at the night time so you can get good sleep without any notification light and sound.
App Timer in the Android Pie allows you to use app for a specific time limit in the day and pause when time limit ends. If you want to use app more than time limit you can you can access your app.


Multiple Bluetooth Connection allows in the Android Pie so now you can connect your Android Pie Bluetooth to five Bluetooth connections. You can switch between devices which are connected. If a call comes the all possible supported capable device can respond to the call.
Sound and video sync will be reporting with the Sound Delay Reporting feature. Which gives you always a video and sound correlation.


For your Android phone's security, Android pie can give you a bio-metric security. Which gives standardize Bio-metric Authentication Prompt to provide more precise authentication

The payment security for android pie will be the Strong Box with compatible hardware and apps be tamper resistance hardware which is very harder for malware to steal credential.

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Supporting Mobile Phones For Android Pie

I suggest

Well, the features and system are awesome. You should update your android to pie(if it can) or buy android pie updated smartphone. It will be a great experience....

What you think about the latest version of the Android write in the comment box.

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